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* = best 8 of 10 races will be counted for series points. Must have 8 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
4950UNKRACING, K&J76 5th*8th*5th*   6th* 5th*    
0741UNKYZINGERS, TEAM74 3rd*4th*3rd* 5th*        
1078KTMMOTLEY, TWO59 7th*15th*11th*DNF*12th*  11th*11th*    
1233YAMCRAZY, BATSHIT50    1st*1st*        
1254KTMA, DOUBLE45       5th*6th*7th*    
1252HONBAZ, TEAM44       2nd*2nd*     
1204YAMRACING, BRY42  3rd*2nd*          
1260YAMRACING, BRY #242        3rd*2nd*    
1062YAMKID KNEE, TEAM41  18th*12th* 14th* 10th*10th*     
1230YAMRACING, 40138     4th* 3rd*      
1202KTMHONCHO UP, TEAM37  2nd*6th*          
1237KTMRACING, 22133    DNF*3rd* 8th*      
1255YAMGOAT, MOUNTAIN32       7th*4th*     
1235HSQAND JR, POP30    3rd*11th*        
1257GASRACING, SUCESS30       1st*16th*     
2650UNKGOAT, MOUNTAIN28 6th*       8th*    
1258KAWKIDS, KAWASUCKY26       9th*7th*     
1210KTMRACING, PP25  1st*           
1239HSQRACING, S.O.B.25    7th*10th*        
1273YAMRACING, 4019725         1st*    
2231HSQTEAM, D & D25   1st*          
2455UNKBCR, TEAM25 1st*            
4567KTMNELSON, ZARO25        1st*     
7788YAMJOES, AVERAGE251st*             
0318UNKMUNCHERS, MOOT22 2nd*            
1236GASLILLY, TEAM22    2nd*         
1245HSQAND JR, POPS22     2nd*        
5198HSQLILLY, TEAM222nd*             
1274KAWHD, TEAM20         3rd*    
0069UNKPSYCHO, BARN18 4th*            
1221SUZMAFIA, PERRY18   4th*          
1234KTMRACING, TDW18    4th*         
1253KTMRACING, 47818       4th*      
1270YAMBUMPS, TWO18         4th*    
2468KAWNOOBS, THE18        14th*10th*    
1209YAMMUNCHERS, BUTT16  5th*           
1238HONJOES, AVERAGE16    5th*         
1262KTMRACING, DOGHOUSE16        5th*     
1213KTMTANKS, DIRTY15  6th*           
1232HONSUCK, TEAM15    6th*         
1248GASTRINITY, TEAM15     6th*        
1271KTMSHOULDER, ARM &15         6th*    
1214KTMPICKLES, NASTY14  7th*           
1227YAMGOOBERS, THE14   7th*          
1251KAWAND DUMP, HUMP14     7th*        
1226KAWWARMERS, BENCH13   8th*          
1246KTMMOFOS, MACON13     8th*        
1261KTMRICKY BOBBY, TEAM13        8th*     
1397HONORDINARY, ESCAPE13 8th*            
1217KTMBANDITS, MURRAYVILLE12  9th*           
1222KTMRACING, ELLIJAY12   9th*          
1249KAWHARKINS, TEAM12     9th*        
1259KTMNIGHTS, TALADEGA12        9th*     
1272KTMDH, TEAM12         9th*    
1211HSQRACING, EISNER11  10th*           
1224HONREQUIRED, NO TRAINING11   10th*          
1201KTMRACING, FCXC10  11th* DNF*         
1216YAMTRENCH, DIRTY9  12th*           
1264YAMWANNABES, CASELLI9        12th*     
1208KTMRACING, MCKEY8  13th*           
1465KTMRACING, S&D8        13th*     
6969HSQTWIGS, THE8     13th*        
1203YAMRACING, WHITAKER7  14th*           
1579BETORANGE, TEAM6        15th*     
1212YAMRACING, THXC5  16th*           
1215YAMRICHARD, DIRTY4  17th*           
1263KTMRACING, E C4        17th*     
1205GASSLOW, TEAM2  19th*           
1265KAWGETTERS, GO0        DNF*     
1334KTMAYERS, TEAM0        DNF*