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* = best 8 of 10 races will be counted for series points. Must have 8 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
8708HSQJUDD, MIKE1774th*1st*2nd*2nd*1st*3rd* 1st*4th3rd*    
4194KTMSALLEY, AARON1573rd*4th*6th*5th*2nd*7th 2nd*2nd*2nd*    
8403HONWAGONER, JOHN1259th*8th*5th*10th3rd*14th3rd*5th*6th*8th*    
4193KTMPARHAM, MATT1116th*6th*10th*9th*5th*  4th*8th*10th*    
7799KTMLORD, STEVE147 2nd*1st*1st*DNF*1st*  1st*1st*    
5248HONRYAN, MICHAEL102 3rd* 6th*DNF*8th* 3rd*5th*4th*    
8645HSQBARRETT, JAMES7210th*5th*4th*DNF*    9th*6th*    
5131YAMSCOTT, MICHAEL65  7th*14th*4th*13th*4th*       
7969SUZSWAIM, CHAD61  8th*13th*6th*11th*6th*       
3108BETHILL, JASON6013th*  3rd* 5th*   5th*    
7622YAMCRITTENDEN, TOBY5012th*7th*9th*12th* 15th*        
7965KTMWALPOLE, TRIP45  3rd* DNF*4th*   14th*    
0939KAWWILLIAMS, JESS37     9th*1st*       
2214HSQHUGHES, JJ34   7th*    3rd*     
9474KTMGULLION, SHANE31      5th*6th*      
0126HONHOWARD, JAMES28DNF*11th*DNF*17th*7th*DNF*        
1080KTMBROWN, SEAN28   8th* 6th*        
9534KTMKNOOP, PETER28        7th*7th*    
8617HONKELLEY, WES251st*             
2505KAWPITTARD, RODNEY222nd*DNF*            
8090KTMSCHULTZ, JOSEPH22   4th* 17th*        
9071KTMCROOKES, GARETH22     2nd*        
9423KAWJOHNSON, LANCE22      2nd*       
9523KTMPALMER, MARK22       7th*13th*     
9544YAMBAND, ANDREW22        11th*9th*    
9840KTMHUDSON, CONRAD165th*             
7634HONARNOLD, CHARLES1511th*DNF* 16th*          
2310YAMDOMINIC, JEFFREY14     16th*   12th*    
7698YAMSMITH, JEREMY147th*             
2490HONPULLIN, JEFF138th*             
7623HSQCUSHMAN, JONATHON12DNF*9th*            
5404YAMYOST, PETER11 10th*            
9401HSQWYNN, TODD11     10th*        
9581KAWILENDA, PAUL11        10th*     
4148BETRICKS, DARRELL10   11th*DNF*         
9611YAMSTEELE, CHRIS10         11th*    
3205KTMPOPE, WOOD9     12th*        
9596HONBARRETT, JEFF9        12th*     
9613HSQZINO, ALON8         13th*    
2374HONMCINTYRE, CHRIS6   15th*          
9306KTMFLOOD, PHILLIP3     18th*        
5319KTMPLEMONS, LYNN0DNF*      DNF*      
7715HONPETTY, SHANE0DNF*