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* = best 8 of 10 races will be counted for series points. Must have 8 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
4124HONHAYES, KYLE1738th2nd*3rd*5th*1st*1st* 4th*2nd*1st*    
4123HONHAYES, LOGAN1722nd*3rd*4th*3rd*3rd*4th 1st*1st*2nd*    
5393YAMFRICKS, BENJAMIN149 13th*2nd*1st*9th*2nd*2nd*3rd*4th*     
9860HONJOHNSON, ANTHONY1423rd*5th*6th*4th*4th*Worked*7th6th*6th*9th    
5123KTMWOODRUFF, GAVIN1265th*6th*15th2nd*8th*13th3rd*5th*5th*13th*    
4079KTMNORTON, KATIE8411th*7th*12th*16th* 11th*5th*13th*9th*     
7604YAMKIMBER, SEAN729th*9th*7th*9th*DNF*15th* DNF19th*7th*    
7728YAMROPER, JOHN1081st*1st*1st*DNF* 3rd*8th*       
7789KAWTALLENT, TREY80 8th*5th*6th*2nd*7th*        
0242YAMREIS, JULIANO42       2nd*3rd*     
5349KAWBANTHER, TUCKER37  8th*12th*     6th*    
2688YAMRUMSEY, DRAYSON35   10th*11th*   7th*     
8585KTMSWEAZEY, DENEM30       8th*11th*14th*    
9507HONBERRY, PAUL30       11th*10th*12th*    
7729YAMKEY, CHASE286th*    8th*        
3174HSQHORSTING, WAYLON25      1st*       
2518YAMSOUTHERN, BRIAN24    12th*6th*        
7721SUZTUCKER, JUSTIN244th*       15th*     
3046KTMBOYD, JAMES23 14th*10th*     16th*     
8642KAWTITTLE, TAYLOR22 11th*9th*           
9340KTMHALLBERG, MARKUS22    10th*10th*        
1095KTMHALEY, JOHN20         3rd*    
8067KAWBREWER, PARKER19        12th*11th*    
9353KAWBREWER, PIERCE19        13th*10th*    
7649KTMGREEN, DYLAN18         4th*    
7841YAMBRACKETT, COLE18 4th*            
8729YAMFOWLER, COREY18      4th*       
2392HSQMCDONALD, JUSTIN16 15th*11th*           
8852KTMCOSBY, GARRETT16         5th*    
9320KTMRONCADORI, AUSTIN16     5th*        
9347KTMRODGERS, AUSTIN16    5th*         
8730KTMFOWLER, AUSTIN15      6th*       
9308YAMRUMSEY, JUSTIN15    6th*   DNF*     
2406KTMROY III, ROB14   7th*          
7760KTMSPLEES, CHRIS14DNF*   7th*         
7770KAWOREAR, TANNER147th*             
9508KTMLEWIS, CAMERON14       7th*      
0401HSQSINGLETON, CLINT13         8th*    
8048HONFORSYTH, KEVIN13   8th*          
9485SUZBEACH, BRYCE13       12th*17th*     
9538KTMIVEY, SAM13        8th*     
1983OTHFLOOD, LAWSON12     9th*        
9498YAMOFFICER, CHANDLER12       9th*      
2296KTMMERCER, CADEN1110th*             
7918KTMROBERT, ROY11 10th*            
9499YAMPARKER, JOSHUA11       10th*      
8063YAMHART, DANNY10   11th*          
2507KTMGRUBB, JAMES9 12th*            
4076KTMREED, MITCHELL9    DNF*12th*        
4138SUZLEDFORD, AARON912th*             
2690YAMTANKERSLEY, NOAH8   13th*          
6020YAMHOLDEN, MICHAEL813th*             
7958KTMKENNEDY, RYAN8  13th*           
5246YAMALLEN, ANDREW7  14th*           
8059YAMCHRISTIAN, KALEB7   14th*          
8879KTMANELLO JR, FRANK7     14th*        
9527KTMPYLE, ANDREW7        14th*     
8069YAMGIBBS, DAMON6   15th*          
7909YAMBUFORD, CARSON5 16th*            
8037KTMPOWELL, DENNIS4   17th*          
2707HONFLETCHER, EVAN3        18th*     
9530KTMWILLIS, KEVIN0        DNF*     
9543HONCODY, JUSTIN0        DNF*