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* = best 8 of 10 races will be counted for series points. Must have 8 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
7683YAMJOHNSON, CHRIS13810th*11th*11th*2nd*2nd*5th*2nd*1st*      
8451KTMCAPEHEART, KELLY1096th*8th*10th*8th* 6th*3rd*2nd*      
7889KTMSPOONER, CHUCK106 9th*13th*5th*3rd*9th*4th*3rd*      
7693KTMTURNER, DANNY9315th*13th*12th*9th*6th*12th*5th*4th*      
7730HSQKEY, TIM852nd*3rd*4th*  1st*        
5412HONCRAIG, BRUCE818th* 8th*7th*5th*11th* 6th*      
7743BETBLACKMON, NICK733rd*6th*3rd*4th*          
8565YAMMARTIN, BRYAN72 1st*2nd*1st*          
7848KTMNASH, TIM70 5th*5th* 4th*3rd*        
8634KTMGIBBY, JIM599th*2nd*1st*DNF*          
8630KAWSMITH, TIM575th*7th*9th*6th*DNF*         
7947YAMCOURCY, KENNETH41  19th*16th*9th*14th*6th*       
0824HSQNELSON, PAT31 18th*16th*12th*7th* DNF*       
7602KTMHANISZEWSKI, ALAN3011th*15th*7th*           
2475KAWMORGAN, OZ251st*             
2871KTMNORTON, CLINTON25    1st*         
9467KTMRODGERS, JEFF25      1st*       
7625KTMHALL, DOUG2413th*      5th*      
1076HONFERGUSON, LARRY237th*12th*            
2505KAWPITTARD, RODNEY22     2nd*        
7641KAWHULSEY, TOM224th*17th*            
4548KTMCOLDRICK, MICHAEL2114th* 18th*15th*DNF*16th*        
7725YAMLARUE, JOSEPH2012th*10th*            
8862KTMKOEHLER, JEFF20   3rd*          
7842KAWWARDEN, DEWAYNE18 4th*            
9403KTMHOLLAND, TOBY18     4th*        
8714KTMCOOPER, CURTIS15  6th*           
9382KTMBOSWELL, J14     7th*        
9481HSQESPOSITO, KEVIN14       7th*      
3019HSQREWIS, DAVID13     8th*        
4978YAMDEROCHE, MICHAEL13   DNF*8th*         
7919HONCORE, BRIAN13 16th*20th*14th*DNF*         
2865KTMSMITH, SCOTT11   10th*          
7634HONARNOLD, CHARLES11     10th*        
7891KTMADAMS, ARVILLE11 14th*17th*           
8686YAMPRYOR, HUGH10   11th*          
5404YAMYOST, PETER8   DNF* 13th*        
8715KTMJACOBY, RON8   13th*          
9449YAMCORN, DOUG7DNF* 14th*           
0036KTMWOOD, TRAVIS6     15th*        
8331KTMDAVIS, JEFF6  15th*           
9418YAMFAIRCLOTH, CHRIS4     17th*        
0526KAWRANKINS, GARY0  DNF*           
2280KTMWRIGHT, SCOTT0DNF*             
7783YAMCRAIG, WALTER0 DNF*