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* = best 8 of 10 races will be counted for series points. Must have 8 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
7758YAMLIFSEY, GABE1321st*2nd*2nd*4th*DNF*1st*3rd*       
7907KTMDIX, ADEN130 4th*1st*2nd*3rd*3rd* 1st*      
4557YAMMCKINNEY, WYLDER11813th*5th*7th*3rd*6th*4th*10th*5th*      
4562YAMOYS, PRESTON11714th*216th*18th*1st*2nd*1st*3rd*      
7674YAMCOURCY, CHRIS1115th*7th*8th*7th*2nd*5th*5th*       
4558YAMMCKOWN, TANNER9510th*6th*5th*6th*5th* 2nd*       
7681YAMJOHNSON, STEVEN8911th*9th*9th*11th*DNF*Worked*12th*10th*      
1995KAWPETERSEN, DYLAN65    4th*6th*4th*7th*      
7627YAMWHITAKER, MATTHEW5912th*8th* 12th*  8th*6th*      
7682KTMCOLLINS, MATTHEW528th*17th*12th*  7th*9th*       
4561YAMOYS, CHRIS4715th*16th*16th*13th*8th*DNF*11th*DNF*      
7756KAWOREAR, WALKER472nd*1st*            
7640HONWAGNER, CALEB419th*12th*3rd*21          
7920SUZALEXANDER, MICHAEL41 11th*4th*  8th*        
8374KAWSTRAHLEY, TANNER3916th*14th*11th*16th*9th*         
7624KTMCUSHMAN, BARRETT356th*3rd*            
9449KTMWHITAKER, LUKE33      6th*4th*      
8024SUZJONES, TRISTAN30   5th*7th*         
8080YAMSPENCER, WILL25   1st*          
9439HONWITHERSPOON, HUGH24 20th*10th*24 9th*        
7954UNKWOODRUFF, RILEY23  17th*10th* 13th*        
8488SUZTHOMPSON, SEAN22       2nd*      
7774KAWNELSON, BLAKE203rd*             
9796YAMBEAL, JUSTIN184th*             
7804YAMPETERSON, VANCE17 13th*     12th*      
4240KTMLIFSEY, LOGAN147th*             
7771KAWHIXSON, JAMES1418th*18th*13th*           
9351YAMDIXON, BAILEY14    DNF* 7th*       
6969YAMGRIFFITH, BRADY13       8th*      
8088HONROSS, HOLDEN13   8th*          
8072YAMCHIPRANY, ZACHARY12   9th*          
8085HSBYARBROUGH, LUKE12   19th* 11th*        
9488YAMCOOK, ALEX12       9th*      
7859HONWITHERSPOON, SAMUEL11 10th*            
9330YAMWHITLOW, GUNNER11    10th*         
9411HONHACKER, CHRIS11     10th*        
9521KTMDAWSON, PYKE10       11th*      
8086BETYARBROUGH, ROBERT9   DNF* 12th*        
7626KTMHALL, CARSON8DNF*      13th*      
9459HONMARTIN, PHIL8      13th*       
4380YAMCORN, SAM7  14th*           
7892HONBAYS, CHANDLER7     14th*        
8089HONHARKINS, KEVIN7   14th*          
9510HONLEE, HUNTER7       14th*      
2222HONBURGESS, DEREK6  15th*           
7638HONSTEWART, PORTER62215th*            
8054KAWBRUEGGEMANN, CHRIS6   15th*          
9410KTMHACKER, JACK6     15th*        
9487HONCOOK, ANDREW6       15th*      
4208UNKSALLEY, PERRIN417th*             
8018YAMCRITTENDEN, CANNON4   17th*          
0759HONELDRIDGE, REECE219th*             
7702KAWTHOMAS, BRADLEY2DNF*19th*            
5529KTMDOTSON, NOLAN120th*             
8073HONWATERS, SAWYER1   20th*          
4551HONDOTSON, KEVIN023             
4559KTMMERLETTI, JUSTIN0DNF*             
7596HONELDRIDGE, JEREMY025             
7598HONELDRIDGE, RYAN021             
7637HONCANNON, AIDEN0DNF*             
7639YAMSTEWART, GAGE02423            
7650YAMHORNBACK, LATHEN0    DNF*         
7885YAMPHILLIPS, JAYDEN0 25 23          
7895KTMDEWITT, WESLEY0 22            
7915HSQCHATTIN, MICHAEL0 26            
7988KTMBALES, NOAH0  DNF*           
8052KAWBRUEGGEMANN, JOHN0   DNF*          
8053YAMBRUEGGEMANN, TIM0   22          
8067KAWBREWER, PARKER0   DNF*          
8084KTMYARBROUGH, CHRISTIAN0   25          
8601KAWDISHMAN, AARON0 24            
9465YAMDENHAESE, CHRIS0      DNF*