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* = best 8 of 10 races will be counted for series points. Must have 8 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
2582YAMVAUGHAN, NATHAN1471st*1st*1st*2nd*1st*1st*        
4150YAMALLEN, BRANDON1013rd*5th*4th*7th*4th*6th*        
4384HSQDAVID, ANDREW1015th*6th*9th*3rd*2nd*5th*        
8346YAMSHIELDS, JOSH8711th*2nd*13th*6th*7th*4th*        
7733HSQBALAKIN, DENIS837th*7th*6th*5th*9th*9th*        
2493OTHFIELDS, CHRIS8214th*8th*5th*10th*6th*3rd*        
0760YAMHANSON, EDWARD7110th*10th*12th*8th*5th*10th*        
2653KAWCHISLOM, BRETT674th*4th*8th*12th*12th*         
4111KTMANDERSON, RANDY3813th*11th*14th*13th* 16th*        
7606YAMBALLROE, JOSH38   4th*3rd*         
9305YAMBENNETT, JAMES35    8th*2nd*        
8689KTMTHOMPSON, DANIEL346th* 7th*16th*DNF*         
7977BETWORKMAN, KYLE32  2nd*  11th*        
4312KAWYOUNG , STEVEN25   1st*          
7675YAMTHOMPSON, DUSTIN259th* 19th* 10th*         
0153KTMASLINGER, MARC222nd*             
4222KTMRUSSELL, MICHAEL21    13th*8th*        
7775YAMSHEFFIELD, ELLIOT2112th*13th* 17th*DNF*         
7867YAMSIMMONS, RYAN20 DNF*3rd*21          
7887KTMMCCURRY, JEFF20 3rd*22           
8031KTMKINSEY, JASON19    11th*12th*        
1753HONALFONSO, FABRICIO17  10th*  15th*        
2813HONTHOMPSON, PATRICK15   9th* 18th*        
8672KTMMCLAUGHLIN, RYAN14  18th*11th*DNF*20th*        
9398KTMHUDSON, KEVIN14     7th*        
4239KTMMAYFIELD, SCOTT138th*             
7796YAMWATSON, DANGELO13 14th*15th*           
2885YAMLITTLE, BRENT12 9th*24           
4298HSQORDONEZ, HENRY10  11th*           
8395KTMBATCHELOR, ANDREW10 16th*16th*22          
4163YAMROPER, RYAN9 12th*            
9404YAMBRYANT, CAMERON8     13th*        
0391YAMBEATTY, MATT7     14th*        
1397HONWILLIAMS, JOSEPH7   20th*15th*24        
7971SUZMICHAEL, NOWLIN7  252314th*22        
8055HSQHARDY, JOSH7   14th*          
8530YAMBURNS , BRYAN7   DNF*16th*19th*        
9350HSQCARR, GARY7    18th*17th*        
4544KTMBIGSOLDIER, CHRISTIAN6 15th*            
7690KTMHOOPER, JAMES615th*             
8040YAMGOGGIN, JOSH6   15th*          
2945KTMFRASER, MICHAEL4  17th*           
7806KAWROACH, BRYAN4 17th*            
9341YAMINGLETT, TIMOTHY4    17th*         
2659HONFOULKS, NOAH3 18th*            
7767KTMPECCI, CHAD3   18th*          
7801KTMNAVARRO, JOSH2 19th*            
9693BETWHALEY, TONY2 212119th* 21        
2486SUZLAMBERT, BLAKE1 20th*            
4183OTHQUESADA, ANDREW1  20th*DNF*          
7766SUZBENNETT, TREY0  23           
7897YAMMARONA, CHASE0 22            
7916YAMCLARK, JUSTIN0 23            
9373KTMBICE, DAVID0     25        
9408KTMHOWELL, DYLAN0     23